14 de octubre de 2012

Hipothetic dinner

Let's pretend you are going to organise an hipothetic dinner. You can only invite five people. Dead or alive. (Mind you, this is not a terror story!) Who would you choose?

It's quite difficult to choose such a small number of people. But here are my guests. They are all musicians or writers - how curious!

J.S. Bach (Eisenach, Germany, 1685 - Leipzig, 1750): Composer of the Toccata and Fugue in D minor and more than 300 cantatas (50 of them have been lost), of the Brandenburg Concerts, the Christmas Oratory, the Magnificat, loads of suites and tricky fugues for clavicord (or piano, in this more modern era). A curious fact: Bach had a grandson who had the same name as him and was a painter.

Cornelia Funke (Dorsten, Germany, 1958-): Writer of adventure and fantasy books, well-known for her endless imagination and for being an excellent narrator. She also makes the illustrations for her books (very nice pictures they are). She currently lives in LA. When she wants to write, she takes refuge in a little house full of books she has in her garden. Cornelia has written many children novels, I've read two of them, Dragon Rider (its just marvellous) and Igraine the Brave. My favourite of her more-grown-up books is The Thief Lord, I've also liked the Inkworld trilogy, but I think there is a little too much melancholy in it. I'd like to ask Cornelia for advice in novel-writing and to chat with her about her marvellous ideas and where they came from.

Frederica von Stade (Somerville, New Jersey, US, 1945- ): Opera mezzosoprano singer. She sang a beautiful version of Rossini's opera "La Cenerentola".

W.A. Mozart (Salzburg, 1756-1791): He only lived 35 years, but his musical production is huge, he left at his death more than 600 works: sonatas, concertos, operas, symphonies, etc.


J.K. Rowling (Yate, Gloucestershire, UK, 1965- ): I'd like to chat with her about the Harry Potter world, her inspirations, the characters' stories and the old notebooks where she began to scribble her first ideas.

The place? I think Edinburg should be OK.

And who would you invite? Please leave your comments!

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