5 de octubre de 2012

New English version!

Welcome! For those who still don't know about the blog, it's a sort of treasure casket full of fantasy, art, literature and much more!

If you like reading fiction books, Harry Potter world, Lothlórien, or even classical music, this is your blog! I won't put everything that I've written in Spanish translated in here - only some interensting posts for you to read. Now and then you'll stumble upon curiosity posts, or some drawings I made - or even odds and ends I wrote years ago. There are also cute photos of places I'd like to visit - or already have visited!, books I liked or jokes.

I'd like to read your comments and impressions. And please excuse me if my English is horrible, remember that it's not my mother language.

There will be more of Disaster Drawer soon. All you have to do is click the Disaster Drawer tag on the right. Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading!

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